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Geomations S.A. is a spinoff company of the Agricultural University of Athens
 (A.U.A) and was established to exploit the research results of
Prof. Sigrimis'
research team
, specialized in hydroponic cultivations and greenhouse technology, with the help of the Operational Programme "Competitiveness"-"EPAN" of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT),
Greek Ministry of Development.

Due to its relationship with the academic team and for the optimum exploitation
of the research force and the continuous promotion and dissemination of research
lts in hydroponics, the basic precompetitive research takes place mainly in the grounds of A.U.A by the same team.

Geomations S.A. creates a powerful development team (R&D)
for the prototyping of results

www.macqu.com, www.hortimed.org, hydroponics cert)  
and performs industrial and technological research.In order to develop
high technology for the Greenhouse industry and promote Hydroponic culture,
Geomations S.A. has developed a powerful Hydroponics technology and
is moving to complement with an innovative support network
for hydroponics and other Greenhouse field problems



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